It's time to stop struggling to manifest more money. by Linda Clay

It's time to stop struggling to manifest more money.

Money Mindset Primer is perfect for anyone ready to reframe their money story. The struggles you face when you try to manifest money are link to old patterns and thinking you were brought up with. What you need now is a new way of thinking!

Hey, I’m Linda!

My Money Mindset Primer is all about creating a new way of thinking. 

You'll see what negative money blocks having been holding you back. How being specific about what you want really does matter. I created my Money Mindset Primer Plus so you could have the tools you need to create the abundance you crave.

If you’ve always wanted to...

  • Reframe your money story.
  • Stop repetitive thoughts that make you feel powerless. 
  • Learn how to take a goal and turn it into a plan.
  • Clear your blocks and hidden fears.
  • Get specific about what you want.
  • Embrace and practice gratitude.

...then this course is for you!


Linda is relatable, intuitive, and fun to talk to! She came up with ideas to help me that I would never have thought to think of. She is good at listening, and you can tell that her passion is found in her aim to help people feel empowered in their unique situations. I was able to gain so much clarity and direction with her help, and now I am confident that I can go forward to change things for the better where needed! Thank you Linda!
--Karina Pardus
Coy Compositions

The following lessons are included in this 7 module program:

  • Uncover Your Hidden Fears and Negative Money Blocks - To start you need to work on identifying those repetitive thoughts that make you feel powerless and identifying repetitive actions that drain you of your energy and time.

  • You Are Worthy .. Invest In Yourself - Nickel and diming is a form of self-sabotage, if you want to manifest abundance you need to stop the self-sabotage and start investing in yourself.

  • Get Real Support - Surround yourself with a healthy collection of positive people and actions you can take in order to make sure you get the right support.

  • Embrace and Practice Gratitude - Not only is there something truly divine in gratitude , there are numorous other benefits such as: Relieve stress, elevate your brain's Serotonin to healthy levels, trigger feel good endorphins in your brain, energize you emotionally, and an increase your ability to enjoy life to name a few.

  • Get Specific With The Universe .. You have to know exactly what you want or you give out a mixed message.

  • Power Planning and Activation .. Without making a plan and mapping out the steps you need, nothing will happen! 

  • Get Ready For Abundance - When you put the previous lessons into action and you start to live thelife that you're supposed you're able to operate in the highest realm of self-actualization, achieving the purpose you were born to fulfill.

Here's the amazing value you'll get today!

  • 7 Core Training Lessons
  • Money Mindset Primer Worksheet
  • Money Mindset 4 week calendar
  • Money Mindset 21 Tips
  • Money Mindset Resource Directory
  • FREE downloadable Manifesting Checklist
  • FREE downloadable Passive Income Planner

All for ONLY $47 .. that's only 13¢ A DAY! 


Your incredibly intuitive when working with clients and knows exactly what they need, most often, when they aren’t even aware of it themself. It’s a gift that you have. Through your guidance, I’ve gained additional clients and I’ve noticed a great deal of growth in my overall self esteem, my organization in my business and my mindset on how to perform business as a professional. In fact, you really helped me take a new project with confidence. Working with you has been an incredible gift.
Andrea Peaslee, Studio Menlo Branding Stylist
I've had MANY people try and help me, all with good intentions and strategies, but what I needed most was clarity, guidance and direction, which is exactly what Linda gives. I have so many ideas and questions swirling around in my head, I’m not able to sort through them on my own and she’s able to cut through them and always gives me a straight up answer. She's more than a coach or mentor but I don't have the words in my vocabulary to actually describe what she does and is. She's my wise friend, my first port of call.
Natasha Brown Entrepreneur

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