Map it - Life & Business by Linda Clay

Map it - Life & Business

A membership program that will transform your lifestyle, build and grow your business!

What's included?

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Step 1 - Let's Get Started
Step 2 - Onboarding - What Do I Want, Be, Have'
Step 3 - Onboarding -Thought Sheet'
Step 4 - Onboarding - Digging In A Little Deeper
Step 5 - Onboarding - Brand, Business and Clients
Step 6 - Bootcamp Time
Step 7 - Bootcamp Checklist
Pre-Lesson: Your mind is a powerful thing
Your mind can propel you forward or backwards
What to do about the "I don't know enough' syndrome
You really do 'know' enough
Those little devils: Analyzing and that 'darn' whole picture.
Overanalyzing and viewing the whole picture
Breaking Goals/Steps Into bite size pieces
Getting Stuck
We all get stuck
Accountability and Responsibility
How does accountability and responsibility tie in to you/program?
Self-Discipline - 5 things to watch out for
Boundaries: An Introduction
Why protecting your energy is so important
Boundaries - Part 2
Part Two - The Next Step
Boundaries - The Final Chapter
The Final Chapter
Productivity and Time Management
Productivity and Time Management Lesson 1
Productivity and Time Management - Lesson 2 and 3
Productivity and Time Management - Lesson 4 and 5
Productivity and Time Management - Lesson 6 and 7
Mindset Reset
Mindset Reset: Module 1
Mindset Reset: Module 1 Part 2
Mindset Reset Module 2
Mindset Reset Module 3
Mindset Reset Module 4
Website Building
Building Your Website
14 mins
Website Building 2
10 mins

Map It! Life and Business: Creating Life & Business the way YOU want to!

Linda is the creator of Map it! Create a Life & Business your way!!. She has guides and supports women to create the business of their dreams! Using a unique and integrative approach to life, mindset and business plus a compelling, holistic technique of mentoring; she dives into each individual topic guiding you through each separately and then connecting them together. Are you ready to break free and transform your business goals into a tangible reality? Get started below!