Heartfelt Biz Maker Academy by Linda Clay

Heartfelt Biz Maker Academy

A membership program that will transform your lifestyle, build and grow your business!

What's included?

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Step 1 - Let's Get Started
Step 2 - Onboarding - What Do I Want, Be, Have'
Step 2 - Onboarding -Thought Sheet'
Step 4 - Onboarding - Digging In A Little Deeper
Step 5 - Onboarding - Brand, Business and Clients
Step 5 - Bootcamp Time
Step 6 - Bootcamp Checklist
Pre-Lesson: Your mind is a powerful thing
Your mind can propel you forward or backwards
What to do about the "I don't know enough' syndrome
You really do 'know' enough
Those little devils: Analyzing and that 'darn' whole picture.
Overanalyzing and viewing the whole picture
Breaking Goals/Steps Into bite size pieces
Getting Stuck
We all get stuck
Accountability and Responsibility
How does accountability and responsibility tie in to you/program?
Self-Discipline - 5 things to watch out for
Boundaries: An Introduction
Why protecting your energy is so important
Boundaries - Part 2
Part Two - The Next Step
Boundaries - The Final Chapter
The Final Chapter
Productivity and Time Management
Productivity and Time Management Lesson 1
Productivity and Time Management - Lesson 2 and 3
Productivity and Time Management - Lesson 4 and 5
Productivity and Time Management - Lesson 6 and 7
Mindset Reset
Mindset Reset: Module 1
Mindset Reset: Module 1 Part 2
Mindset Reset Module 2
Mindset Reset Module 3
Mindset Reset Module 4

The Business of Life and the LIfe of Business

Linda is the creator of Business of Life and Life of Business. With Heartfelt support and guidance, she's helped women of all different levels of experience and backgrounds create the Business of their dreams! With a unique and integrative approach to life, mindset and business and a compelling, holistic technique of mentoring- Linda dives into each individual topic guiding you to connecting them together. Are you ready to start transforming your business goals into a tangible reality? Get started below!