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A epic community for entrepreneurs who are ready to take action, build their business and create the fearless lifestyle they want.

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The Starter Map It
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The Seasons of LIfe

$60 / month
 This mastermind is about stepping into your age, understanding the different parts of aging and yes, embracing them to create and reshape the many seasons of life. Just some of what you'll receive:
  • Check in Monday 
  • Monthly guest experts
  • Welcome Gift.
  • Referral reward
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The Starter Map It

Includes access to 2 products:
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Map It Life and Business Academy

$47 / month
$475 / year (save 16%)
This is the perfect Group Program is you are a self-started and do well on your own with little guidance. 
Includes access to 4 products:
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Do Life Your Way Overview

You'll get the steps, tools and resources that have helped me, not only transform my life but also build my business. Where do you start? You start at the beginning, either with the Starter BizMaker if you aren't quite ready to dive in or if you want to take the plunge, the VIP BizMaker is for you! Or if you looking for a community that will help you live a wonderful life, then The Seasons of LIfe mastermind is the right choice.

Remember, you'll get out of the program what you put in. Enjoy your journey!

The Starter BizMaker
is for anyone who is testing the waters and not quite ready to put their feet in the water. 
Included is the 3 day mini-training, 2 free gifts and one 30 minute strategy call with me.

Map It Life and Business Academy

Are you looking for a place to learn how to knock down the stumbling blocks, take control of your life and build that business you want? 

Looking for a supportive group of entrepreneurs that 'get it.' Those beginning gulps, hesitations, tentative steps? The Map It Life and Business Academy is all of that and so much more! 

Members receive access to a growing list of lessons that cover the different areas needed in creating their business and lifestyle, from mindset to building a website. Each lesson gives you actionable steps to take and build upon. When members first join, they receive a 30 min. initial coaching call with Linda Clay to get started plus each month each member can sign up for a 15 min. mentoring call. 

There's also a weekly live group coaching hour to help you get stuff off your to-do list hosted by Linda, Members also have access to a private Facebook group where they can ask questions, share advice, and participate in special discussion threads and you'll unlimited access to me via Slack (a free program) and I’ll respond within 24 hours (48 hours on the weekends.)

Membership is limited to 100 members, and the fee and enrollment is based on a rolling month. 

The Seasons of Life Mastermind

My The Seasons of Life Mastermind was created for you, that awesome powerful woman, who’s been seeking the combination of skilled guidance, a personal sounding-board, weekly accountability and an intimate community of support .. all in an affordable group setting.

The Seasons of Life is a blend of many different areas – from facing the fear of aging to yes, even standing in the success of your small business. You're self-employed or considering a next step, this is where I come in. Make your dream a reality by getting involved in volunteering, starting a creative project, such as that hidden book you've been thinking about.

You will have an even more wonderful and enjoyable life by being part of this fantastic group.

Map It! Life and Business: Creating Life & Business the way YOU want to!

Linda is the creator of Map it! Create a Life & Business your way!!. She has guides and supports women to create the business of their dreams! Using a unique and integrative approach to life, mindset and business plus a compelling, holistic technique of mentoring; she dives into each individual topic guiding you through each separately and then connecting them together. Are you ready to break free and transform your business goals into a tangible reality? Get started below!