"Back To Basics" 3 Day Mini-Training by Linda Clay

"Back To Basics" 3 Day Mini-Training

It's never too late to get 'Back To Basics.'

What's included?

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Day 1 - Life: Sort through the mess
Let's get started
Day 1
Day 2 - Mindset
Day 2
Day 3: Business
Day 3
And here is more!
Biz Maker Academy - Do it with heart! Group Coaching
Homework Checklist
Everything in one place

Map It! Life and Business: Creating Life & Business the way YOU want to!

Linda is the creator of Map it! Create a Life & Business your way!!. She has guides and supports women to create the business of their dreams! Using a unique and integrative approach to life, mindset and business plus a compelling, holistic technique of mentoring; she dives into each individual topic guiding you through each separately and then connecting them together. Are you ready to break free and transform your business goals into a tangible reality? Get started below!